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Laboratory Testing

JFP Technical Services, Inc. materials and metallurgical laboratory provides quality control testing services. As an independent laboratory, we can provide evaluation for first piece and random sample inspection and testing. JFP Technical Services may be retained to assist with factory inspection or to provide support for inspection overflow. Our calibration is traceable to NIST.

Quality Control Testing   Photo: Photomicrograph of longitudinal seam weld of a carbon steel tube. Knoop microhardness indentation test reveals hard, brittle martensitic formation (left) within .010" of weld seam (left)

Application Example:

Rubber to metal bonded parts perform contingent on metal hardness and strength, effective adhesion, and proper flow and cure of the rubber compound.

JFP Technical Services can be called upon to establish effective sampling methods, design fixtures for mechanical tests to simulate operating conditions, and then conduct tests on all elements of the sampled parts.

Through accumulation of progressive data, indications of mold degradation (wear or contamination) can be deduced and corrective action can be taken.

Inspection and Testing Procedures:

- Mechanical Testing
- Microstructure Analysis
- Metallurgical Preparation and Testing
- Metallurgical Analysis
- Hardness Testing: Brinell, Rockwell, Superficial, Knoop, Vickers, Durometer

- Plating and Coating Cross-section
- Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
- Tensile Testing
- Compression Testing
- Impact, Ductility and Drop Tests
- Chemical Analysis: Ferrous, Nonferrous, Rubber, Plastic

- Surface Replication
- Mixed Material Sorting
- Surface Roughness
- Profilometer Testing
- Scanning Electron Microscopy


- Hand Crimp Tools
- Torque Wrenches
- Force Gages

Other Services:

- Used Lab Equipment Acquisition
- Solvent Blending


JFP Technical Services, Inc.
7552 G St. Clair Avenue
Mentor, OH 44060-5201
[20 miles east of Cleveland in northeast Ohio]
Phone: 440.946.6577
Fax: 440.946.5011
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