The challenge is still open. We are certain that JFP Technical can “fulfill your need to know” by providing competent, timely and friendly laboratory testing services and technical expertise to insure that your materials and products will meet yours and your customers’ needs.

JFP Technical Services, Inc. is an independent testing laboratory serving all of its industrial commercial, manufacturing, assembly, constrution, insurance, mining and retail business customers with reliable materials and product testing and consulting services.

In operation since 1987, JFP Technical Services Inc. started in Mentor, Ohio, then moved to Willoughby, Ohio, then back to Mentor, and now in our new 6,000 sq.-ft. facility in Eastlake, Ohio. JFP Technical has expanded on its extensive list of service capabilities, serving all businesses in all types of industries and markets, and in both private and government sectors.

JFP Technical provides the following services: failure analysis and product evaluation services, material and product load testing, chemical analysis, metallography and metallurgical analysis, RoHS compliance screening testing, accelerated aging, envrionmental thermal exposure testing, and many other specialized and customized testing and consulting services, to meet our customer’s needs for product development and quality control.

NAICS Codes: 54133, 541330, 54138, 541380
SIC Code: 8734

Please check our individual services pages to see what we can do for you, or contact us for more information on the services you may need.

Quality Objectives:

JFP Technical is committed to ensuring that the company provides a level of quality services that:
– Always conform to the customer/client needs and objectives
– Is continually improved with regard to customer/client satisfaction with our services.

Confidentiality Policy:

JFP Technical works with customers and clients on the testing of new or proprietary products or legal issues. Under these circumstances, it is the policy of JFP Technical to adhere to a policy of non-disclosure of all confidential and/or proprietary rights and information of, or for, the customer or client.

JFP Technical Services Principles

James Farroni is the president and owner of JFP Technical Service’s Inc. As a co-founder and co-owner of the company since 1987, this materials testing and consulting service was established to assist the many manufacturing industries and companies of Northeast Ohio with their material problems and need for testing services. In 1991, the company was incorporated in Ohio. Since then, JFP Technical has been successfully serving the many companies of Northeast Ohio and has extended its services to businessess across the United States and abroad. The many companies that have been served are in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic, metalworking, chemical, general manufacturing and assembly industries.

James Farroni brings over 40 years of experience to JFP Technical , including eleven (11) years of experience as a Quality Engineer working in the QA Materials Testing Laboratory of a major medical equipment manufacturing company, specializing in materials testing and verification inspection, new product evaluation and design review, process control, cost savings and improvement, and failure analysis. He is also certified as a non-destructive test (NDT) inspector for magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and radiography film interpretation. This background has provided James Farroni with the experience to assist companies with their projects dealing with: failure analysis, product testing, material selection, metallurgical testing and analysis, metallurgy, product comparion and performance testing, product quality evaluations, product design and evelopment assistance and with the many of the associated manufacturing processes used to produce the product.

These experiences have resulted in many tesitng and consulting projects that have been sucessfully completed dealing with: ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics and rubber, and many other specialty materials, automotive and aerospace components, medical equipment and products, electrical components, adhesives, fasteners, bearings and gears, surface coatings, and many other speciality products and processes. In order to solve these projects, it often has required the combined of many of these experiences with knowledge of industrial manufacturing processes (ex. welding, casting, coating, machining, heat treating, electroplating, soldering, assembly, etc….); resulting in the determination and elimination of difficult production problems, identifying the causes of product field failures, and finding process and design improvements that can lead to cost savings.

James Farroni, through JFP Technical has worked with representatives from many businesses and international companies, helping them to understand the processes and causes of their material or product problems, by providing them with an insight that has been gained from his wide range of mateiral and testing experiences, using the large reference library and the broad capabilities of the laboratory testing equipment available at JFP Technical. These experiences and testing capabilities are use to solve materials and processeing problems, eliminate rejects or failures, test products, and provide information that will increase the knowledge of the customer on the materials being evaluated or used, helping them to provide a quality product, and become more efficient and profitable.

James Farroni became the President and sole ownder of JFP Technical Services, Inc. in 2003.

Past President of JFP Technical: John Paciorek – 1991 to 2003 (retired)

John Paciorek passed away in 2014. He proivded leadership and guidance to JFP Technical throughout his tenure as president; and provided great assistance and friendship to all of the customers, clients and co-workers. He will always be missed.

We thank God for all of the blessings he has bestowed upon us, to allow us to be able to serve our customers with best information and services that we can provide for them.