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Package Heat Seal Testing
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Material Testing:

Material testing is performed on any material needing to determine or verify mechanical or physical properties, including tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation. Many materials may also need other tests performed to determine its suitability for an application or product. Please contact JFP Technical Services, Inc. for more information on the material testing you may need.

Product Load Testing:

Product load testing is performed to evaluate how a product or component will react to an applied load or function under specific loading conditions. The application of the applied load can be designed to simulate the actual function or intended use of the product or component or to possible unintended uses, if they are likely to occur. The product load testing can be very simple or as complex as needed. Load testing is performed to determine the strengths and weakness of the product or component, or to perform a comparison analysis of properties between vendors, materials, or designs. This load testing is also performed to determine if the product or component will meet the quality requirements needed for the intended use and to determine possible failure modes. Product load testing can be performed on products from most industries. We can design and build custom test fixturing, as needed. Please call JFP Technical for more information about testing you products.

Load Testing Specifications

Material Load Testing

Tensile Testing
Compression Testing
Yield Testing
Hardness Testing
Reduction of Area

Impact Testing
Creep Tensile Testing
Creep Compression Testing
Density Testing
Ductility Testing – Olsen Cup
Specific Gravity Testing

Product Load Testing:

Product Load Testing Services

Custom Test Fixtures Designed and Built
Custom Grips

Custom Testing Methods
Video Record of Test
Failure Analysis

Product Load Testing Performed

Adhesive Strength
Bend Testing
Bolt Load Testing
Bond Strength
Breaking Strength
Cantilever Loading
Crimped Terminal Pull Testing
Crushing Force
Crush Resistance
Curing Test
Cyclic Loading
Delamination Strength
Embrittlement Testing
Elastic Deformation
Expansion Testing
Failure Testing
Fastener Testing
Fatigue Testing
Flare Testing
Flex Testing
Flexure Testing
Force Measurements
Friction Testing
Functional Testing

Insertion Force
Lap Bond Tests
Paint Impact Testing
Plastic Deformation
Peel Testing
Proof Loading
Pull Out Force
Puncture Force
Recovery Test
Sharpness Testing
Shear Testing
Sliding Force
Spring Testing
Tear Strength
Torque Testing
Torsional Strength
U-Bend Testing of Welds
Vibration Testing
Weight/Mass Measurements
Weld Bend Test
And Many Other Tests to Meet Your Needs