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Solderless Terminal Crimping Performance Evaluation.
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Specialized Testing:

JFP Technical Services, Inc. has provided many of its customers with specialized testing to test their products. Many of these special tests are performed to meet a customer’s need in a timely manner. Some of the special tests may be tests performed just one-time to determine or measure some attribute of a company’s product under development or review. Special tests are performed because there may not be any other sources available to perform the testing. Below are listed some of the special tests we have performed. Please call JFP Technical with your special testing needs.

Customized Testing and Services:

JFP Technical also provides its customers with customized testing and services to test their products or meet a special service need available nowhere else. Many of these custom tests are performed to meet a customer’s one-time need in a timely manner. These customized tests are sometimes modified from existing test standards or could have been invented to meet the current need. These customized tests are used to determine or measure some attribute of a company’s product under development or review. Customized testing can be performed because there were no other sources available to perform the testing needed. Customized services are provided using our unique background and capabilities to meet a customer’s unique and time sensitive need. Please call JFP Technical with your customized testing and customized service needs.

Consulting Services:

JFP Technical provides consulting services that are used to provide information that can be used to assist companies in understanding the materials, processes, and testing requirements that they may use as they: design new products, look to solve production problems and field failure issues, and find cost savings. Please contact JFP Technical to see how we may be able to assist you.

Specialized and Customized Testing:

Thermal & Environmental Exposure Testing:

Accelerated Age or Ageing Testing from 50C (122F) to 85C (185F) per ASTM F1980
Temperature and Humidity Exposure Testing
Temperature Exposure
Temperature Cycle Testing
Temperature and Humidity Cycle Testing
Temperature Shock Testing (using Chamber Transfer)
Vacuum Exposure Testing
Vacuum and Temperature Testing
Temperature Monitoring
Thermography Testing (FLIR Thermal Camera)
Stress Relief Oven (250F to 1000F)
Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Baking
Small Heat Treat Furnaces for Trial Testing Material Processing

Dimensional & Surface Roughness:

Surface Roughness Testing: Ra, Rz, Rt, Rq, Rp, Rmax, Rtm, Rpm (Standard or Metric)
Portable Surface Roughness Testing: Ra, Rmax, Rz (Standard or Metric)
Surface Condition Comparison Testing to Standards, Casting, Machining, Mold
Basic Bench Dimensional Inspection of Small Items (Caliper, Mics, Height, Depth, Dial, Pins, Blocks, Threads)
Borescope Inspection
Optical Comparator
Optical Flatness
Visual Inspection
Sorting Services – Separate Good Parts from Bad
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of Walls for: Pipes, Tanks, Vessels, Vats, etc….

Inspection Services:

Nital Temper Etching (Small Parts)
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (In-House or Field Work)
Material of Construction (MOC) Verification (In-House or Field Work)
Positive Material Identification (PMI) (In-House or Field Work)
Mixed Material Sorting (In-House or Field Work)
Hardness Testing (In-House or Field Work)
Surface Roughness Testing (In-House or Field Work)
XRF Chemical Analysis (In-House or Field Work)
Temperature Thermography (FLIR) (In-House or Field Work)
Lead Testing
RoHS Compliance Screening Testing (In-House or Field Work)

Unique Service Offerings:

Salvage / Reclaim Services
Develop Methods to Save Expensive Components for Possible Reuse
Providing Custom Solvent Mixtures
Providing Etchants
Solvent Based Adhesive Blending – Made to Order

Material Property Testing:

Ferrite Number
Ferrite Percent
Magnetic Permeability

Associated Outsourced Service Providers, when needed:

JFP Technical may need to use outsourced testing.
JFP Technical has an extensive network for these special services.
JFP Technical can coordinate and supervise these special services for you.
Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
Magnetic Particle,
Liquid Penetrant,
Ultrasonic Testing,
Eddy Current,
Chemical Etch
Conductivity Testing
X-ray Inspection – Digital Imaging
Fire Investigations
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Machining Services
Calibration Services
Chemical Analysis Services for Special Tests
Mechanical Property Services for Special Tests
Dimensional Measurement and CMM Services
Oil Analysis Services
Water Analysis Services
And Many other Associated Outsourced Services to Meet Your Needs

Consulting Services:

Engineering Assistance Services:

Design Review of Component Parts – Print Requirements
Develop Testing Protocols
Product Testing and Evaluation
Process Procedure Assistance
Component Testing and Evaluation
Test Fixture Design
Consulting on Materials and Processes
Consulting on Testing and Inspection
Failure Analysis – Investigation Assistance
Warrantee /Guarantee Claim Evaluations
Product and In-Process Investigations
Test Project Co-ordination
And Many Other Services

Material Selection:

Metal Selection
Steels – wrought, cast and forged
Stainless Steels
Tool Steels
Copper, Brass, Bronze
Many other specialty metals
Coatings and Sealants

Elastomers and Polymers
Carbon Composites
Epoxies and Resins
Metallurgy Ferrous and Nonferrous
Silicon Crystal and Fiber

Product Research:

Competitor Product Comparison and Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Determine Operating Conditions
Field Testing
Research and Development
Reference Library